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How to Become a Member
Eligibility Criteria
Citizens of Bangladesh
NRBs meeting the minimum threshold
Age limit 18+
Customer Base
Individual, joint, minor with legal guardian.
All CBL Priority Centers
Eligibility for Citygem customer
Option- 1: Fixed Deposit Only
Maintenance of a minimum deposit balance of BDT 5 million and above in any Fixed Deposit products of CBL at the time of Priority sign up.
Option- 2: Combination of Fixed Deposit & Savings/Current Accounts
A combined total amount of BDT 5 million must be deposited at the time of Priority Banking sign-up in any Fixed Deposit & Savings Account (and/or Current Account) offered by CBL.
Option- 3: Savings and Current Accounts Only
A minimum amount of BDT 3.5 million must be deposited at the time of Priority Banking sign-up in Savings Account and/or Current Account offered by CBL.
Option- 4: Executive Membership (For salaried Individuals only)
A minimum 'gross' salary of BDT 500,000 per month substantiated by a certified Salary Certificate OR personal bank statement reflecting salary payments over six months (immediately prior to sign-up).
Should maintain any sort of banking relationship with CBL(Asset or Liability) of a minimum amount of BDT 1.5 million at the time of Priority Banking sign up.
Spouse Recognition
Spouse of a Citygem customer maintaining an individual account will be automatically recognized as a priority customer.
Joint account
Joint accounts in Priority banking will be limited to a total of two applicants.
Please contact with your personal Wealth Manager for more details
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