Personalized Services

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When it comes to Citygem, our overall objective is straightforward: to help you grow and protect your wealth, so you can finance your goals in life. Dedicated wealth managers are reserving preferential products and services to assist you. Banking doesn't get any more personalized than this.

Exclusive Space

Reputed individuals are always successful in life due to their diligence and dedication towards their work. When success does knock on their doors, it brings along the luxury of space.

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Two Layers of Engagement

Your Wealth Manager is supported by a team of our service executives, specifically trained to ensure that all your day-to-day banking requests are carried out smoothly and efficiently.

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Luncheon Facility

As part of our commitment to your comfort, you are entitled to a complimentary luncheon privilege whenever you book one of our exclusive meeting rooms.

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Virtual Office

At the Citygem lounges, we can assist you during times when you require a convenient alternative to your regular office or when you need access to financial transaction facilities during the course of a meeting.

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