Citygem Sapphire is the new, exclusive Priority Banking service from City Bank. Citygem Sapphire is reserved for City Bank customers who typically maintain a minimum balance of BDT 50 million (Tk. 5 Crore) as fixed deposits or in savings or current accounts.

We currently have 7 Citygem centers; 5 in Dhaka and 2 in Chattogram. The addresses of the centers are given below:

  1. Gulshan Center : 136 Gulshan Avenue, Gulshan-2, Dhaka-1212
  2. Dhanmondi Center: Suvastu Zenim Plaza, House: 312(2nd flr), Road: 27 (Old) 32(New), Dhanmondi R/A, Dhanmondi, Dhaka
  3. Banani Center: 37, Ventura Iconia (2nd flr), Block: H, Road: 11, Banani, Dhaka-1213
  4. Uttara Center: Barek Manjil, House: 8 (1st flr), Rabindro Sarani, Sector-7, Azampur, Uttara, Dhaka-1230
  5. JFP Center: Jamuna Future Park, Ka-244, Progati Sarani, Ward: 17, Dhaka, North City Corporation, P.O.: Bhatara, Dhaka
  6. Agrabad Center: 942/A, Sheikh Mujib Road, Double Mooring, Agrabad C/A, Chattogram.
  7. Probartak Center: House: 1486/1672, Al-Nur Badrun Center (1st floor) O.R. Nizam Road, Probartak Circle, Chattogram.

Yes, you can become a Sapphire member simply by meeting the ‘Sapphire membership eligibility criteria’ even if you do not live within the Dhaka or Chattogram metropolitan area. Just walk into your nearest City bank branch and our branch officials will assist you to complete the necessary formalities.

The eligibility criterion is as follows:

Nationalities and Age

  • Bangladeshi citizens
  • Age 18+

Customer Type

  • Individual, joint, minor with legal guardian


  • All Citygem Priority Centers

Account requirements

  • Maintenance of average balance of minimum BDT 5 Crore or above in any Fixed Deposit & Savings Account (and/or Current Account) offered by City Bank
  • Availing City Bank American Express Platinum Card is mandatory*


  • Joint account in Priority banking will be limited to a total of two applicants

 No, you do not need to visit Citygem centers for all of your banking transactions as those can be done at any of the CBL branches. However, other than banking transactions the Citygem centers are at your disposal for certain wealth management and value added services. Your assigned personal wealth manager will be happy to brief you on this.

As a Sapphire member all the services you require will be ensured not only at Citygem centers but across all branches of City Bank. You will be given the highest priority whenever you visit any of our branches. You simply need to mention about your Citygem membership to the branch manager or his/her colleagues directly and all your requirements will be taken care of.

 You as well as your family are important to us. That is why we are offering complimentary Citygem status to your spouse. To avail this benefit, (in case your spouse is not a joint account holder with you), your spouse simply needs to maintain a savings/current account with us and then he/she will be entitled to all the privileges of a Sapphire member.

Your account will be reviewed on a quarterly basis using ‘quarterly average balance calculation’ which means that you do not have to keep the minimum deposit balance every day.

Quarterly average balance is calculated by dividing the total sum of your daily day end deposit balances over a quarter with the total number of days of that quarter (typically 90 days).
The quarterly average balance is calculated as follows:


Your account(s) will be monitored on a quarterly basis based on the quarterly average balance calculation. If you fail to maintain the required minimum balance you will receive notification from your personal wealth manager. Failure to maintain the minimum balance, requirement(s) beyond a period of 90 days may result in cancellation of your Sapphire membership. The Sapphire welcome offers will no longer be available if the minimum balance is not maintained for a year.

Your dedicated Wealth Manager will take the time to get to know you, understand your short and long-term goals and help you manage your finances.

 You can always collect any necessary information by simply calling our call center. All you need to do is dial 16234 and follow a few simple steps. You can also talk to a representative directly without having to wait in queue.

Simply show your Citygem/Sapphire Debit Card (Citygem American Express Card or Platinum MasterCard) at our selected merchant outlets and they will do the needful. For privileges associated with your debit/credit cards, please ask your dedicated wealth manager for details.

Please inform your dedicated wealth manager 24 hours before your intended date of meeting to avail the virtual office service.

Your Wealth Manager is always available for all the various services provided by Citygem Priority Banking. As some of the value added services are offered through external service providers, we highly encourage our Citygem members to inform their designated wealth managers prior to availing the service to ensure the best customer experience.

Rate of interest on our products varies from time to time depending on the type of account, tenor, and amount. Your designated Wealth Manager will be happy to provide interest rate details if and when required. For discounts or waivers on regular banking services, please refer to the SOC (Schedule of Charges) applicable for Sapphire.